Purazell Couture

Sustainability, Naturalness and Luxury.

Purazell Couture

Sustainability, Naturalness and Luxury.

Purazell Couture

Sustainability, Naturalness and Luxury.

Purazell Couture was born out of a desire to change the entire fashion industry.

Purazell Couture is a German company that focuses on sustainability, naturalness and luxury. This combination is unique in the fashion world. Most people want luxury but don’t get sustainability, others want sustainability but don’t get luxury. Unique natural fabric meet high fashion, is our motto. Inspired by our mother company Purazell, which produces nutritional supplements in the highest quality and sustainable packaging, we now want to conquer the fashion world.

The desire for a unique sustainable and vegan fashion label that presents a very fancy and luxurious look has led a certain input to the development of the unique artistic prints that are applied on the highest quality fabrics with the GOTS certified colours without any conventional pollutants. 

All substances are of an excellent plant origin that additionally have GOTS certification such as: SeaCell micromodal interlock jersey, organic cotton strech satin, bamboo velours, organic rib kashkorse, organic cotton fleece, organic cotton rubber band.

The corresponding garment labels are made of recycled PE and also have a QR code that allows customers to study the detailed information about the garment, thus reducing the unnecessary effort of attaching care labels. 

The target group of Purazell Couture includes sustainable living people. Many of them have already reached a certain level and an important social position in society. This target group attaches more importance to exclusivity and above all to quality than to quantity. They certainly want to distinguish themselves from the majority, which is why they buy special pieces of art at auctions or support exclusive fashion labels with a certain concept of sustainability, innovation, function or even faith or belonging.

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We would like to share with the world a very special fabric that we have been privileged to work with, which is an absolute novelty on the market and we are proud to have created something beautiful out of this wonderful material.

„All life comes from the sea“, Hippocrates already knew over 2,000 years ago.

The SeaCellTM idea is based on this knowledge – and it’s quite simple: The natural and pure nutrients of the sea are good for us and our skin. The beneficial, skin-protecting and health-promoting properties of algae form the basis of the SeaCell™ fibre. It thus uses the elemental power of these vitalising multi-talents, which carry the genetic code of our existence.

Algae are the „fuels of the seas“: Just one kilo of dried algae contains the active ingredients of over 100,000 litres of seawater – a good reason to use them for the SeaCellTM fibre. Due to their abundance of nutrients, algae stimulate the organism and have a healing effect. They contain more mineral salts and vitamins than any other natural product and are rich in amino acids, iodine, trace elements and much more. The skin-protecting and anti-inflammatory effects of algae have long been for our well-being for a long time – from from traditional Chinese medicine to modern health teachings. Algae are also popular in food and cosmetic products, because they strengthen the immune system and lower blood sugar, regulate the circulation and aid digestion. As a result, they vitalise the skin, hair and nails.

The fabric delivers its beneficial ingredients directly and sustainably to the skin. Numerous tests at different institutes and facilities confirm the quality and guarantee the lasting SeaCellTM effect.

The most important building blocks are the nutrients contained in knotweed from the Icelandic fjords. It is harvested and processed harvested and processed in a gentle and sustainable way to promote its regeneration and maintain its biological value. Among other things, the brown seaweed has large amounts of vitamins and minerals, such as magnesium and calcium, as well as the active ingredient fucoidan, which inhibits the growth of tumour cells. It is effective against flu viruses and high cholesterol, alleviates skin diseases and contributes to the healing process of the skin.

Antioxidants also protect against free radicals – and thus prevent skin damage. Textiles with SeaCellTM are especially convincing due to their particularly cuddly and soft feel. The active fabric exchange between fibre and skin provides a noticeable feeling of well-being – the typical SeaCellTM effect, you would never want to do without. The algae in the fibre have a calming and nurturing effect, so that not only the body, but also the soul can recover from the stress of everyday life.

The special combination of extraordinary softness with gentle care and protection for the skin, SeaCellTM brings the best of the best of nature back to man. At the same time the fibre cytotoxic, even sensitive skin shows no intolerance reactions. It can thereforecan also be classified as harmless from a skin physiological point of view.

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